Work as a Part Time Tutor from Home

If you are a college going girl, a married lady or a retired woman, who is exploring possibilities of working from your home from then one of the best way of doing so, is by becoming a tutor. No matter where you live, a big city or a small town, parents all over India are paying great attention towards their studying children these days. They want them to do the best to succeed in today’s highly competitive job world. Of course, in every city Continue reading “Work as a Part Time Tutor from Home”

Planning not to Work Full Time after Child Birth? Then GharSeNaukri is the Answer

Congratulations to you on becoming a proud mom or a proud mom to be! It’s the greatest experience any woman can have. Unlike in west, Indian women are more family-oriented than being career conscious. So chances are you wouldn’t be planning to work soon in near future. Not at least for next two or three years till your little wonder is old enough to be taken care of by other family members. Continue reading “Planning not to Work Full Time after Child Birth? Then GharSeNaukri is the Answer”

Balance Domestic Responsibilities and Work Part Time with GharSeNaukri

The great thing about Indian girls and women is that they are multi-talented. It is in our culture to teach the female child many skills which we normally don’t teach to the male child. Why it is so, is a separate topic and we wouldn’t discuss that here. However the fact is, even today an average Indian woman does possess countless vocational skills like Continue reading “Balance Domestic Responsibilities and Work Part Time with GharSeNaukri”

Think you can be a Content Writer? GharseNaukri offers Part Time jobs for women

If you are housewife, a college girl or even a working lady who has enough time at hand to spare after work, there is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to earn good money by being a content writer. “GharSeNaukri” is marvelous concept that helps women of all ages find jobs as per their skills and knowledge and an opportunity to work from their homes. Continue reading “Think you can be a Content Writer? GharseNaukri offers Part Time jobs for women”

Introducing….An initiative towards Women Empowerment

Jobs from home pave the way for housewives to achieve financial independence. And if you are a house wife and want to make your time productive , there is a solution now. please read on… Continue reading “Introducing….An initiative towards Women Empowerment”… an Initiative for Women Empowerment!

Women are leaders everywhere you look—from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to a housewife who raises her children and heads her household. A woman who is tough, ambitious and knows exactly what she wants can create history and there are thousands of examples to prove that. The new conscious homemaker emerging; Mindful, Hardworking, Busy and Responsible can conquer the corporate world and be a contributor by still being at home. There are more than 100 odd job portals in India alone, but a dedicated platform for Women who can work from home is still missing when there is a genuine need for this. GharSeNaukri does just that! Continue reading “… an Initiative for Women Empowerment!”

GharSeNaukri is helping companies become more productive and profitable


In India many women never get the opportunity to get work, simply because of social constraints. But, over the years this has changed but recently thanks to GharSeNaukri women have found it easy to be employed by companies because the work will be done from home. Many studies have proven that working from home allows companies to get hold of untapped workforce and this has led to couple of things which has proved very beneficial. Continue reading “GharSeNaukri is helping companies become more productive and profitable”