GharSeNaukri provides Online Jobs for Talent Acquisition

There is a growing uncertainty about the recognition of female talent in the corporate world. On most days women are treated as subordinates as they are restricted by their sex to comfortably work in a male dominant office. In such offices, women and their works are not taken seriously, which is disappointing and disrespectful for an educated woman who has worked as hard as her male counterpart to reach that position. Continue reading “GharSeNaukri provides Online Jobs for Talent Acquisition”

Be the pride of your children

In hindsight, women have always struggled for equal rights. Maybe equality in essence is much different from what we perceive it to be. You can’t be an equal if the people around you consider you inferior to them.  Women have always been treated like subordinates since time immemorial. Housewives specially go through much trauma in being a woman. Wives who stay at home are taken for granted. Continue reading “Be the pride of your children”

Ghar se naukri and Make in India: A joint endeavor

They all loved her creativity but when it came to selling it in the market, they all had problems that originated from the fact that she was a woman. Even in recent times, not much has changed in terms of involvement of women in the public sector. Creativity of a woman is always met with scepticism when presented in a community. The general notion of people is that a woman and her creativity belong within the domestic margins of her households. Making it difficult nigh impossible for a woman to find success in her field of expertise. Continue reading “Ghar se naukri and Make in India: A joint endeavor”

GharSeNaukri and children- A direct impact in the child overall growth

And the stars blinked as they watched her carefully; jealous of the way she shone. Isn’t that the case with most women in our country? The right alignment of stars and it’s time to get married. Marriage is a great bond between two people but mostly the sacrifices come from the woman’s end and it is indeed a great sacrifice. Most women quit their jobs after marriage, whether it is due to the barriers in mobility, opinions of in-laws or more gripping reasons like raising a child. Continue reading “GharSeNaukri and children- A direct impact in the child overall growth”

GharSeNaukri is Women Empowerment

Women empowerment means too many things. It means educating girl child, giving equal rights to women, making laws that grant them security against sexual abuse, domestic violence or dowry demands etc. However, the truth is, in spite of all the above ‘empowerment’ factors, a women can continue to be vulnerable and weak if she is not financially independent. Continue reading “GharSeNaukri is Women Empowerment”

Women and financial independence – A direct impact in the family relations

Every society needs a churning up from time to time to keep it in sync with changing scenarios. The later second half of 20th century saw a social revolution of sorts all over the world and many traditional stereotypes and dogmas were broken. One such dogma was – “women should only take care of home and men should work”. Continue reading “Women and financial independence – A direct impact in the family relations”

GharSeNaukri wants to tap into India’s Hidden Women Workforce

India has seen an astronomical growth in the field of education in the last two decades and this means crores of educated young Indians. It is a humongous workforce. Unfortunately only a fraction of this vast educated population gets stable jobs. The situation is grimmer in case of women population. Continue reading “GharSeNaukri wants to tap into India’s Hidden Women Workforce”

Age is just a number! Work, Earn even after retirement

Do you think there can be an age for retirement? Organizations may have stipulated an age of retirement, but in life you can be ‘employed’ as long as you want to and as long as you are fit to do a work. Yes it is a harsh reality that after a certain age, no organization likes to hire people. So what? You can always do a job from your home. Continue reading “Age is just a number! Work, Earn even after retirement”

Want to be a Part Time Web Designer or Graphic Artist? GharseNaukri gives you the Opportunity

The world has been going through the IT revolution for the past two decades in a big way. Internet has become a very integral part our lives. All brick and mortar businesses are realizing the importance of having a strong digital presence and the future looks all set to be 90% online. This means having a very dynamic website and Ecommerce platforms. There has been mad rush for web development and India is the major outsourcer of this need. Continue reading “Want to be a Part Time Web Designer or Graphic Artist? GharseNaukri gives you the Opportunity”

Work Part Time Earn Extra! Be Independent with GharseNaukri

Unless you are born with a silver spoon, making ends meet might be your whole time occupation as a housewife.  Things only get worse if you belong to the middle or lower middle class of society. Many times you must have considered doing a part time job. But there is a hitch in it. Firstly, such jobs are not easily available and secondly, doing a job also means being away from house responsibilities and children and for many women, it is not an option at all. Continue reading “Work Part Time Earn Extra! Be Independent with GharseNaukri”