An opportunity to all aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion in teaching and child development to start a play centre right from their homes with GharSeNaukri

blogger-gharsenaukriChildhood is beautiful! This stage of life when one is carefree yet inquisitive, innocent yet curious, loving and giving…. Thus it is our collective responsibility to help evolve our children in a safe, secured beautiful environment. An important stage of childhood development is pre-schooling. This is a stage in which social, psychological and communication skills develop. And the reason to enhance is primarily because it improves confidence, self-esteem and concentration, facilitates a strong educational foundation and develops cognitive skills.

Teaching shall be a wrong usage…. For we at GharSeNaukri want passionate and committed entrepreneurs in whose hands we shall place the responsibility of molding the future of the nation. GharSeNaukri is offering a unique opportunity for women entrepreneurs to do business from home with a social cause. In association with Flintbox we are providing an opportunity to start a play centre or preschool as in this crucial carefree stage of life, we need to promote social and emotional development, help children learn to take care of themselves, promote language and cognitive skills, nurture a child’s curiosity and prepare for the next stage in academics. It is rightly state “The greatest legacy we can leave our children is enough happiness to fill their hearts and more love than they can spend in a lifetime.”

With all these objectives in mind, Flintbox offers an inclusive solution for a complete Preschool system. No hidden costs and zero investment. Training to entrepreneurs shall be given on monthly basis through resource kits. Flintbox shall guide you with extensive instruction content for operations/setting up preschool and teaching kit along with other essential materials will be provided.

GharSeNaukri realizes that little desire in every woman to do something worthwhile. GSN is offering you an excellent opportunity to become a business woman. Team GSN and Flintbox together shall guide and be a co-traveller on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Customer Service Executive…GharSeNaukri is offering an opportunity to Women with Urban Ladder

Urban LadderUrban Ladder is a leading online furniture company that aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions, to help the Urban Indian build well-furnished, beautiful homes. It offers a range of new and traditional furniture.

Urban Ladder is looking for Customer Service Executive – Working from Home, Jobs for Moms, Jobs for Women. The job profile is:

  • To reach out to customers who bought products from Urban Ladder
  • Ask for their feedback, learn more about the customers through survey on phone
  • Follow-up by a quick email to them so they can rate Urban ladder
  • Role can expand to customer interactions for solving issues / bad reviews and/or suggesting additional products.

What GSN is looking for candidates who have

  • Great written communication skills
  • Willing to make calls and send email and be open to learning to use other new channels or processes.
  • Willing to be an excellent customer advocate internally and stand up for what’s right by the customer.
  • Willing to work fast and be flexible with work timings/schedule and availability.
  • Have knowledge of and be an active social media user.
  • E Commerce and hospitality experience is a huge bonus

Please Contact GSN to know more about this venture. We shall be grateful to answer your queries and shall provide all the support and guidance as desired by you.

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Looking to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Image Source:
Image Source:

Petoo’ is a unique concept in restaurants at Bangalore. Petoo wants to popularize Indian food, make it accessible and market it in neatly packed boxes with on time delivery to customers. It is an innovation to bring into vogue healthy home cooked Indian delicacies.

Petoo wants to hire female Home Chefs / Home Cooks or Entrepreneur in Residence. We are looking for:

  • A person whose priority aim is to delight the customers by serving good palatable food, able to speak and take feedback from customers, should be able to basic calculation, accounting and maintain stock registers.
  • Should be able to use smart phones or TAB to take an order.
  • Possess all the capabilities to function as a restaurant from home.
  • EIR should have storage space or they can even rent a space on a security deposit of
  • Has to work for a minimum of 25 days in a month.

Petoo has certain essential guidelines for EIR for a proper functioning:

  • A systematic clean kitchen and inputs shall be given by Petoo as how to stack food items.
  • A random audit will be done and if any guidelines are not adhered to, the license will be revoked.
  • Customer is the top priority, no delay in timely delivery and food should be of good quality.
  • All sales should happen through Petoo Centre.

Petoo shall train all the Entrepreneurs in Residence on methods of storing and serving, the details of proprietary software, how to take orders and feedback, the protocol of delivery. To encourage women entrepreneurs, Petoo shall provide a salary and remuneration package too.

We are looking forward for you to start the entrepreneurial journey. Let your passion for cooking become a business of love.

Please Contact GSN to know more about this venture. We shall be grateful to answer your queries and shall provide all the support and guidance as desired by you.

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Women Entrepreneurs – Weaving A Change

Career and Community Portal for Women
Career and Community Portal for Women

Indian women are an embodiment of strength and perseverance. Women have achieved several prominent positions, defied traditional norms, overcome barriers to for an equitable access to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Despite challenges, and many a time the transition from policies to effective implementation of women centric laws to enable women to be economically empowered remaining ineffective, women have rose against these drawbacks and evolved as a symbol of change.

There exists a host of agencies in India both at the centre and state level to promote women entrepreneurship in India.  Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE), Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (MSME-DO), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD) all have segments of policies to cater to women entrepreneurs. Besides these, India has several promotional and regulatory policies which provide a blue print to assist women led enterprises.

Several states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Haryana have significant schemes for development of entrepreneurs. In 2010, The National Mission for Empowerment of Women was launched by the Government of India in order to strengthen overall processes that promote all-round development of women. So, we do have storehouse of schemes, policies, programmes for empowering women entrepreneurs.

But the other side of the coin reveals that women entrepreneurs face financial and market related challenges the most in establishing and sustaining their enterprise. According to a study by Women’s Web, 55% of entrepreneurs surveyed stated that it was difficult to start a business if they are women. 60% of women entrepreneurs had started an enterprise with a capital of under Rs1, 00,000 and their personal savings.

Majority of women entrepreneurs do face several challenges. Policies and programmes many times do not penetrate at the right time. Voluminous paper work, nitty gritty of financial institutions are key factors which dissuades women entrepreneurs to either start a venture or use existing resources to sustain.

WomeninBusiness is the platform which aims to provide these useful linkages, help in sustaining and providing an interface with clients directly. WomenInBusiness, an extended initiative of GharSeNaukri is a one stop portal which aims to be a knowledge partner, mentor and market for women entrepreneurs. It’s time women give concrete shape to their dreams. Challenges will be many, but every challenge has a solution. We at WomenInBusiness shall enhance your creativity and together embark on a journey of self-realization and achievement.

Join our Work From Home “Recruitment Team” from

Career and Community Portal for Women
Career and Community Portal for Women

GharSeNaukri (GSN) is a unique career portal to empower competent women professionals and be engaged in diverse workforce. It is our strong belief that women have the capability to balance home and work but the correct meaningful opportunities have to be provided. This distinctive career portal resolutely offers women with variety of choices with the vision to bridge the disparities and empower the capable efficient women workforce from various fields of expertise. GharSeNaukri offers flexible working options because it is an essential parameter to enhance employment across socio- gender demographics and reduce barriers which prevent women from entering or remaining in work.

With this objective GharSeNaukri wants to be your company’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) portal. Since its inception, GharSenaukri has been associated with several companies and startups by providing the right talent and improving upon the right recruitment processes.

Companies and startups many a times incur a significant cost for their staffing needs. However RPO’s have evolved over the years as an outsourced recruitment provider. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) defines RPO as “a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider. Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process, or can manage one or two aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department”. Thus it here that GSN wants to step in and provide you with women professionals from a cross section of expertise.

GSN has very successfully catered to companies with profiles like content writer, graphic designer, virtual assistance, HR professionals to name a few. We however are not a portal wherein the company can offload all their recruiting processes. GSN offers committed and the best talent for employment opportunities in your company which need not be filled or professional retained only because a candidate is qualified.

Some of the achievements of GSN as a RPO are:

  • Red Herring Global 2015-2016 (one of the top rating company of US) has shortlisted GSN amongst top 100 companies.
  • Amrita TBI Pitch Fest 2016 (Govt funded incubation centre) has shortlisted GSN amongst top 30 start-ups.
  • Covered by various national and regional magazines.
  • We are working with diverse set of over 500+ companies.
  • Over 3.5 lacs of registration from job seekers (different parts of India) in just 20 months of operation.

Please do visit our website or mail us at   or call us at +918802-360360

Let’s connect to explore a vast scope of human resources and also contribute to the social mission of our companies. We assure you that as a RPO we do understand our client needs and shall offer professionals best suited for your company profile.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

 Best Wishes


Social Mission of GharSeNaukri – Building Stronger Relations for a Woman.

Classical economists or development experts will generally opine that Start-ups are initiated primarily with the motive to earn profit. Over the years big and established business houses are focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility. Philanthropy or charities are promoted by successful business families. Thus championing a societal goal is a typical business strategy and many a time it opens up avenues for new business profits. The contribution of all types of businesses is highly appreciative, their concern to promote societal goals is admirable….but there are a few social enterprises which work dedicatedly to fulfil their social mission and are in complete synergy with the commercial demands.

A career portal for women, who want to work from home or be an entrepreneur, is a big challenge in itself……there is a mission behind its core objective – women emancipation, however within the self drawn margins by women themselves. There has to be a platform which offers opportunities galore and embody the belief that how much of work hours a woman wants to put in is a matter of her choice. It respects that ‘the choice’ made by a woman is the first step of empowerment. Economic independence of women is a major factor for empowering women. A community network for women…with dash of difference is the requirement of the day. This is what GharSeNaukri stands for.

According to a report by Forbes, 24% women are part of the workforce in India. But only 5% of these reach the top layer as compared to a global average of 20%. The major contributing factors being child care and very recent studies reveal that a large population of working women are leaving jobs for the eldercare too. On one hand it reveals a significant debatable issue of our child care and elder care policies/services accessible to them, and on the other exposes the bitter reality that leaving a job is not just a loss for the woman but also to the organization which has invested in her.

We thus need to create an enabling environment of inclusion. Companies, businesses, organizations too are changing their recruitment profile and hiring professionals on short term or part time basis. This is a revolution which enables both professionals to utilize their expertise and organizations to fulfil their employee requirement without having to invest much. This revolution is channelized by the platform of GharSeNaukri – a perfect interface for employers and professionals. GSN has started a change… a part of its journey which is going to be a rewarding experience.


Insights into Women Workforce Scenario

Women Workforce

Women Workforce

Is it true that policy on women empowerment is only on papers? Is it a bitter reality that though women are an integral part of the social structure, yet her health, nutrition, economic equality is hardly a priority in the Indian society? If data speaks…then the situation is alarming! Do the majority of Indian women have access to equal opportunities of work? Unfortunately….a big NO! Women emancipation or equal opportunities for women in workforce is considered as one of the parameters of economic growth of a nation.

International Labour Organization states that between 2004 to 2011, Indian economy grew at a healthy average of 7%, yet India witnessed a decline in female labour participation from 35% to 25%. This raises the question of why the decline?….In  urban areas we witness a lot of women belonging to various economic strata moving out of the houses to earn a living! So why we as a nation fair so poorly with Bangladesh and Indonesia when it comes to women economic empowerment?

World Bank states that there are 217 million missing women in India’s workforce and India has one of the worst gender gaps in labour force participation. Are these data real? Do these figures really matter in a normal Indian household? Is increase in women workforce really a sign of women emancipation? Modern urban woman, though perhaps not the majority, enjoy access to opportunities of various types – internet, social life, community bonding…..but here what matter is the realization that the appalling women labour force participation in India is a structural problem – social roles, family responsibilities….and the list goes on! Every woman has to understand her responsibility and realize that making her aspirations come true, is reflection of her true self!

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GharSeNaukri – Enabling Women Empowerment in India

shades of women empowerment gharsenaukri
Shades of Women Empowerment GharSeNaukri

GharSeNaukri is a unique platform for women from all walks of life which firmly believes that women can ‘Have it all! Do it all! Regardless of what field they are in.’ The Global Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum captures the magnitude of gender-based disparities in various countries and as per 2014 report; India is below average in Economic Participation and opportunity and is part of the twenty worst-performing countries on Labour force participation (ranked at 134 out of 142 countries).

Majority of working women in India still face the stereotypical myriad of issues – childcare, unfair share of domestic chores, gender bias at work, extreme work conditions, security issues and eldercare. This leads to a lower rate of women employment and lesser retention in the workforce. Thus a holistic and a comprehensive platform can be a catalyst for women empowerment. This catalyst of change with the motive of engaging women with flexible working hours and enhancing entrepreneurial skills is the underlying statement concept of GharSeNaukri.

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Women – A Potential Resource for an Organisation


Career and Community Portal for Women
Career and Community Portal for Women.

Human Resource Planning is one of the most crucial requirements for any business/organization to sustain in the competitive milieu. It is also in the benefit of every organization to focus on diversity recruitment and a core component of their workforce should include women with flexible work hours. According to Knowledge Centre Catalyst Inc ‘If India can increase women’s labour force participation by 10 percentage points (68 million more women) by 2025, India could increase its GDP to 16%.’

India has a vast repository of potential women workforce. The question then here arises how to harness this power for a positive outcome. It is here that every organization should understand the tangible benefits that one achieves from hiring women on a part time or consultancy basis or providing short term/assignment based jobs. The bottom line thus is empowered women, high quality innovation and recruitment across a cross section of substantially talented women workforce.

Every organization has a responsibility towards the development of the Nation. Its contribution is not limited only to economic development but also social development and investing in women is most productive and beneficial….because empowered women can make their own decisions, families are healthier and the community progresses.

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Connecting with ( Free Portal for Employers to Connect and Engage Women Community)



Career and Community Portal for Women
Career and Community Portal for Women

GharSeNaukri (GSN) is a unique platform to connect “Eminent Employers” like you and “Talented & Skilled Women Workforce” thereby creating a win-win business value proposition.

Our watchword to Corporate is “HELPING EMPLOYERS TO ACHIEVE NEXT LEVEL”.

Our journey started with the realisation that there exists a significant segment of women with niche skills who due to family responsibilities/career gaps or social pressure are unable to re-join the workforce.

Hence started ..

Having successfully catered to many start-ups as well as established companies we now look forward to take work with you. Companies so far have approached us for profiles like Content developer(technical/Non-technical)/graphic designers/Developers / Quality Engineers/Product specialist/Research analyst/testers/Designers/Coders/MR/HR/Sales/HR/tester/Finance/CA/CS/CTO/Quality controllers/ SEO/CCE/subject matter experts/sales/business development/lead generation/medical coders/trainers/ virtual assistance/digital marketing/technical support/recruiters/ SMM Experts/FMCG/legal consultants and many such more profiles.

Kindly share your Complete JD by registering to our portal and help me know what are the other possible areas which we can explore and can utilize the skills of these talented Women workforce registered at our portal .

We request you to please visit our website to know more about our work and philosophy Our aim is to see ourselves as the finest women job portals in the market and we look forward towards your support and collaboration.


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