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The Attributes of a Popular Home Tutor: Be a GuruQ Certified Tutor

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The tutoring industry in India is growing at a rapid pace and thus the number of tutors. Today’scompetitive environment makes it difficult for teachers at schools to individually focus on every child. Hence, the need for extra help at home when it comes to education. It doesn’t end there. Consequently, parents, who usually are the decision-makers, have become very demanding when it comes to scores. They do not want to settle for anything but the best. So only tutors who can meet their stringent expectations are considered good enough for the job. We found that popular tutors possess certain attributes or competencies that make them capable to make teaching more interesting, fun and engaging.

The Attributes of a Popular Home Tutor

  • Expert communication skills: Communication is key in this profession. No matter how knowledgeable you are, if you are unable to convey what you know to others in a seamless manner, knowledge sharing does not happen effectively. Some of the world’s best tutors convey knowledge through their communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, body language, speaking, writing, listening, etc.). Your communication with the student should be simple and clear so that the student understands you clearly.
  • Deep knowledge about subject/topic: Knowing your subject well in-and-out is another important characteristic. Being passionate about the subject/topic inspires one to learn more, dig deeper and think harder about it. Best tutors pass that passion to their students and instill in them the desire to learn more.
  • Develop strong relationship with students: A deep student-tutor relationship facilitates effective information exchange. The best tutors do not just love the subject/topic they teach but also care for their students progress and well-being. Best tutors are all about being open, welcoming and easy-to-approach.
  • Flexibility: You might have good experience, but if required you should be adaptive enough to mold your ways and techniques of teaching. Each student is different and might require a different approach. So, flexibility is a key requirement to be the best tutor
  • Always prepared and highly organised: Best tutors do not do things in an ad-hoc manner. They prepare ahead of schedule, design lessons in a way that engage students, add fresh perspective, and teach beyond the curriculum
  • Strong work ethics: Doing what it takes to help out a student if he/she is stuck somewhere is another important trait of the best tutor. Finding a solution to any problem faced by the students should be a priority for the student.

Tutoring is more than just making money

Tutors are people who ensure that the future of their student is bright. GuruQ is one of the leading tutoring platforms in India with a community as big of 15000+ certified and background verified tutors and 10,000+ students. If teaching is your passion and you believe you have all the above qualities to be the best tutor, sign up with GuruQ and become a GuruQ-certified tutor and teach as many students as you want with ease and from the comfort of your home!

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