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Are You a Stressed Mom? 7 Effective Tips for Moms to De-Stress Themselves

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Are you stressed? This is something which has become very common in recent time. From young to old alike, everyone for some reason or the other finds themselves in stressed situations. Apparently, in India, more than 70% of moms are highly stressed and many in fact say that “motherhood is stressful”.

It’s everything from financial insecurities to higher expectations from kids, from husband’s health to in-laws’ issues, lack of support, relationship demands and many more such reasons that lead to stress in a mother’s life. Studies have shown that mothers are more stressed for their kids –  for their health, their studies, exams, performance, jobs, careers, behavior, relations,  etc. etc.

So, as a mother how do you cope with stress?

First of all, know your stress signs. You are not stressed all the time. There are certain warning signs in your body when you know that you are stressed, like as faster heartbeats, high blood pressure, hot flashes and so on. Take notice when your mood changes. These signs imply that your body is warning you of something. What do you do? Instead of reacting to stress, rather try to get away from it. How?

Given below are some effective ways for Moms to de-stress themselves:

  1. Try to find solutions for your “stress” times: I am sure by this time, you have come to know what causes you stress at predictable times in your day-to-day life. Identify when you are most irritable, and find a simple solution to handle the situation. For instance: If mornings are too stressful for you for getting the kids ready to go to school, making tiffin, breakfast, getting your husband’s lunch ready, then try to do a few of the tasks the previous night itself so that it becomes easier for you the next morning. Maybe you can keep the school uniform ready, decide on the menu for breakfast and tiffin, keep the vegetables cut or the dough ready, and so on. Mornings are the most stressful times for most women. Hence, it is better to prepare yourself well at night to have a peaceful morning the next day.
  2. Take a break: There is nothing wrong if you take a break from a normal routine life, even if it is for just an hour or so. At times, there are situations when you are at a loss and get stressed. What to do? Just avoid that situation that moment itself. Go to your room, stay inside for some time, listen to one of your favorite songs, watch your favorite webseries or go to your garden, start gardening or just take a stroll and come inside when you feel that you are now relaxed.
  3. Breathing exercises are a must: This is one of the most common ways to de-stress. You are getting angry for some reasons. You know you are stressed. Just breath. Breath in, Breath out a number of times with your eyes closed. Your stress fades away slowly. Try this. It really works. One of the simplest solutions for stress relief.
  4. Exercise and meditate: Make a routine in your daily life to dedicate 1 hour or 30 minutes for walks, exercises, yoga or meditation. Exercise keeps stress at bay. Walk alone, with your kids or find another mom to join for a short walk each day. Exercise together, with your kids or spouse. This also gives you moments of happiness to spend quality time with your family.
  5. Follow your passion: No matter how busy you are as a mother, don’t you ever forget to follow your passion. Just as when you were a little girl, you had some hobbies, you can stick to your hobby or passion even today. Just because you have many responsibilities at home, it does not mean that you should stop doing what you had enjoyed earlier.  Follow your heart out.
  6. Create fun family moments: Laughter is the best medicine. Try to find some ways to relieve off your tension and you have some good laugh. Laughs, smiles, and giggles can help relieve some of your tension. Find ways to bring a little more fun into your life to de-stress and create fun family memories. Go out for a movie, make a dinner plan, cook together, ask your kids to make something for you, play, dance, go out for vacations and so on.
  7. Make friends and find a support group: Share your concerns with your friends or with another mom who is close to you. Don’t stress alone about your kids or about anything. Talking about your stress with someone who cares can reduce anxieties. The more the number of friends you have, the better it is for you. Take time for yourself to enjoy special moments with your friends.


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