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Telecommuting job, better known as work-from-home or working in a remote job is slowly picking up in Indian job market, especially for women professionals. There are many women who give up the professional career midway and prefer to work in flexible hours at the comforts of their home. However, there are many who hesitate to take the plunge of doing a part-time or work-from-home job. The main reason is that many professional women feel that there won’t be a steady flow of income or there will be less income in a telecommuting job or a remote job.

Yes, it is true that there is a great income disparity when you work from home. Your salary is much less than that of a pay-package of a regular job. But, there are many hidden costs involved (which you pay from your salary) when you do a full-time job. When you work in a remote job for flexible hours, there is definitely a pay cut but in the long-run, if you analyze, you can save a lot when you are associated with working from home rather than working full time.

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Here are the ways by which you can save money when you work from home:

Reduced cost of commuting: If you take public transportation to your office whether by cab or metro or by bus, once you start working from home you will immediately notice more money in your pocket as there is a cut in your monthly commutation cost. When you drive to work, there is the cost of fuel involved, which actually is expensive. In flexible jobs, there may be the requirement of visiting office but this won’t be a regular affair. So, overall, your commutation cost reduces or becomes nil when you are at a remote job and thus, your savings can be greater.

Reduced maintenance cost of your car: Not only does working from home saves money on fuel, but it also decreases the number of kilometers on your car. This, in turn, means less maintenance and repairs costs of your personal vehicle.

Reduced cost on child care: If you are working full time, you will need a nanny or a full-time maid to take care of your baby. And when the baby grows up a bit, you will need to put him or her in a day-care center or crèche. Do you know how expensive these are? So, you ultimately have to part with your salary to pay for child-care. But, work-at-home moms will definitely save money on child-care as they are constantly at home taking care of the baby as well as managing work.

Reduced expenses on professional wardrobe, dry cleaning and laundering: When you are a regular employee, you need to spend money to get professional clothes to look presentable in your office. You need to dress well and hence you need to spend some part of your salary on formal clothes. But at home, you can work on your pajamas or any clothes that you are comfortable with. And, when you work from home, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a professional wardrobe which often has to be dry-cleaned. This in turn saves you some amount of money. However, this does not mean that you are not going to buy any clothes for yourself when you work from home. It’s just that you need fewer dressy and expensive clothes when you are in a telecommuting job.

Reduced expenses on lunch and coffee: All offices do not provide you free lunch and coffee. So you have to spend money on your coffee and lunch at office, unless and until you take your own home-made lunch to work. What about additional expenses of eating out or giving a treat to your colleagues? All these are costly. Remote jobs make it easier to make lunches and coffee at home, which will bring down your food expenses.

Saving your time: Last but not the least, one most important reason for you to take up a remote job is that you can save your time and energy. A regular work office hour is atleast 9 hours of work plus commuting time plus time for getting ready. So, you spend almost 12 hours of an entire day for your work. Now, just imagine the situation of you working from home in flexible hours. You have lot many extra hours with you which you can use to spend time with your child and family or meeting friends or taking up a new hobby and so on. So, in a way “Time is money” and this is intangible savings for you.

So, next time when you consider the salary difference between a regular job and a work-from-home job, be sure to take into consideration the different ways by which you save money when you are a work-at-home mom.

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This article is not meant to discourage women who are in full-time jobs. But, it is a means to encourage women to take up remote jobs or a flexible career and not to feel guilty of giving up a regular career and opting for a telecommuting one. You never know when your choice for a smaller salary to be able to work from home might be the smartest choice for you in the long run.

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