Anu Kumari, UPSC Women Topper – An Inspiration of Women Empowerment for Girls and Young Mothers

She is given the brand ambassador title for the ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ programme in her home district Sonipat by the state government of Haryana. She is 31 years old, a mother of 4-year-old child, and the second rank holder in UPSC Civil Services Exam this year. She is Anu Kumari, a perfect role model for the young girls to follow and get inspired.

With BSc (Hons) in Physics from Hindu College, Delhi University, she has done an MBA (Finance and Marketing) from IMT, Nagpur and was working in the corporate sector before giving up her job to prepare for UPSE. Her first attempt in UPSC was in 2016, when she didn’t clear the prelims for 1 mark. But, this didn’t stop her, and she with full determination started preparing for the exam again. Of course, she got full support from her family and husband.


An inspiration of women empowerment for girls and young mothers

Born and brought up in a small town in Sonipat in the state of Haryana which is considered to be one of the orthodox states of the country with patriarchy at its highest domain, Anu Kumari has set an example for others to follow. Education is not the priority for most families in the state of Haryana, and for many girls it is a distant dream. Also, this is one of the states in India, where female feticide is very much present even today. Under all these circumstances, Anu Kumari has given “a befitting reply” to people who have killed their daughters in the womb.

She has indeed emerged as an inspiration in changing the mindset of the people of the country towards the daughter. She is also an inspiration for young mothers who feel that when you become a mother, your career comes to a standstill. She has proved that wrong.

She stayed at her aunt’s place for preparing her UPSC exam and one of the biggest sacrifices she made during this 1 year of preparation was that she stayed away from her 2 and ½ year old child.

In her own words, “Even though it was difficult, he was the reason I felt motivated. The thought of staying away from a supportive husband and two-and-a-half-year-old son pushed me to prepare harder.”

Advice for married women and/or mothers

Anu Kumari admitted that clearing competitive exam is undoubtedly tougher post-marriage and after you become a mother. But, that should not stop you from trying. She has asked women to seek maximum support from everyone – husband, family, friends and relatives. For mothers, she suggested that they should try studying somewhere else away from the child, may be in some library or a quiet place or get support from close family members for the child care, though, it is evident that all mothers definitely face many distractions with a child – daily care, studies, playtime, sickness  etc. But, ultimately you should have faith in yourself, you should believe yourself, and take the plunge

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When we talk about women empowerment, it is not only the society or the family which help but it is also something which comes from within. If you have the passion, faith and determination to do something in life, then no one can stop you. Such was the determination of Anu Kumari, and that really helped her.

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