Age is just a number! Work, Earn even after retirement


Do you think there can be an age for retirement? Organizations may have stipulated an age of retirement, but in life you can be ‘employed’ as long as you want to and as long as you are fit to do a work. Yes it is a harsh reality that after a certain age, no organization likes to hire people. So what? You can always do a job from your home. There’s no law stopping anybody from doing a “GharSeNaukri”. If you are a retired woman, still eager to be employed and earn, then you are in for good news.

A unique platform for women

“GharSeNaukri” is a unique platform that is just right for you. It is a ‘work from your own home’ concept job portal and one thing that separates it from all the other such job portals is that it is dedicated to only women. The whole idea behind this revolutionary new concept is to uplift and empower those Indian women who for some reasons ranging from social to domestic, are not able to do a regular office job or are retired from job.  Now they have a glorious opportunity to balance their domestic responsibilities with a super-convenient job and earn good amounts without needing to step out of their house.

No dearth of jobs for retired women

There is no dearth of jobs at “GharSeNaukri” and you are sure to find a job best suited for need and skills. If you are a retired lady, it means you are well educated and you have tons of professional experience behind you. This can help you mould yourself for any job as most of the jobs are all about dealing with people and pushing certain products and services in the most efficient manner. You can be freelancer for jobs like tutor, translator, Tele-caller, content writer, web-designer, fashion designer, journalist, leads generator or a head-hunter. These are but few of the jobs that you can do as a retired woman though there are countless other categories too.

Jobs for women who need it most

The “GharSeNaukri” portal partners with a myriad of job-offering organizations who are seeking women professionals who want to work from home. They know that women tend to be more organized and hard working than men. Particularly in jobs like Tele-calling or –Tele-recruiting, customer care etc, women jobbers are known to excel. Moreover, the “GharSeNaukri” portal invokes job-offering employers to live-up to their social responsibility and offer jobs to those women who need to be empowered the most. That is why, there are jobs not only for the educated girls and women but there are also a plethora of jobs for less fortunate women who are not properly educated but have special skills like knitting, weaving, embroidery, culinary, craftwork etc.

Be empowered and spread the good word

All you need to do is get registered at the portal and upload a very well written resume that clearly mentions all your skills. You can yourself look for all the jobs being offered by employers on the portal or the portal itself will communicate you about the offers that match your skill set or education and experience. In fact you can even earn cash rewards by referring more women like you to “GharSeNaukri”. There is no limit on number of profiles that you can refer. On referring of every ten successfully uploaded CVs, you will get Rs 500 as reward. However, the portal would like you to be a part of this revolutionary social movement and empower yourself and other women by being profitably employed and contributing to your family as well as the whole society.

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