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A True Story of a Housewife Cheated by Her Husband

I was cheated by my husband

Presenting another guest post by a housewife who did not want to disclose her name and we want to respect her privacy…It’s a true story, it’s her own story…

In her own words…

“I am a housewife with two beautiful kids. I have been married for 10 beautiful years. We were in a relationship for 8 years before getting married. With lots of difficulties, we finally made our respective parents agree on our marriage. I was the happiest person on Earth and so was my better half…the day when I got married. All went fine …love, romance, happiness with 2 beautiful kids…all went flawless all these years until one day ……

The day when I realized my husband was cheating on me. The day when I doubted on my husband…I prayed that it should not be true…but unfortunately, what I doubted came to be true…

I was suspicious of my husband’s behavior for the last few months. It was Saturday night. He was getting ready to go out somewhere. I muster enough courage and asked him directly, “Are you having an affair? Are you cheating on me? ” He just smiled, hold my hand and replied, “Are you mad?” He said all is ok, and I should not doubt him. But, I could make out, he was trying to hide something…he could not face me directly…I could see stress on his face and feel his tension that he might get caught. He was sweating. He went out of the house immediately. I didn’t utter a word. As I saw him going out of the society gate from my living room balcony, he waved at me. I heard my mobile phone ringing. I picked up the phone. He said, “Listen…don’t wait for me for dinner. I will be late today. I will be with my friends. And don’t worry….everything is fine. Stop suspecting me all the time”.

But somewhere in my heart, I was very restless and unhappy. I panicked a lot, maybe it was my sixth sense which was telling me that someone very close to me is lying to me. He came home late that night. I asked him where he was. He said he was with his friends. He went to the washroom and I decided to check his call records. I found an unknown number, a number not on the contact list but on the call log list…a number which appeared quite a number of times in his call log of the last few days…even that night his last call was that number with whom he had spoken to for 20 minutes. I felt something fishy. I went out of the room. He came out of the washroom and then went off to sleep. I came back and checked his mobile again. This time, that number was not on the dialed list, which meant that he had erased that number from his call log.

“My husband cheated on me” 

And now I was sure that something is terribly wrong. I could not sleep the entire night. The next morning, I called some of his close friends and enquired whether he was with them last night. They said “NO”. That day, my whole life shattered, it seemed my happiness and my life came to a halt for those moments. I was shivering and sweating with anger. I confronted him… I told him that I had spoken to his friends and he was not with them the last night.

He stood up. He admitted that he was indeed having an affair. We fought a lot that day, and I decided to call the girl he was in a relationship with. I forced him to give me her number as the number was deleted from his phone. He at last obliged and gave the number but at the same time said everything is over now. I spoke to her, abused her, cried a lot and cursed her. My husband was sorry for everything. He admitted that it was his fault and this shall not happen again. He said that he would break up with her once and for all and start afresh with me.

But what happened could not be changed. My life changed after that. I was broken from within. I suffered a lot. I went into depression. I was stressed and I became very short tempered. I started behaving rudely to my kids. I could not share this with anyone, not even my parents, as it was a love marriage. But, like they say “Time heals everything”…I am continuing my marital life with him for the sake of my children. My life is going on with him with lots of unanswered questions in my heart, with lots of suppressed feelings and a broken heart which I think will never forget what I went through.

Have I done the right thing staying with him? What should I do?”

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