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6 Success Mantras to be Successful in Life and Career

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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure and of course luck.”

But, yes, there are few ways by which we can mold our lives in such a way that we are able to do better than the others. Success definition is different for every person. For some, it is money, for some, it is name and fame, for some, living a life as he or she wants and so on.  A person doing a decent job with a simple living but being happy may consider himself to be successful. But for some others, this may not be success as their wishes and aspirations are more. So, how can you make yourself successful in your career?

Presenting below the essential mantras to achieve success in your career and life…

A Positive Mindset That Aspires Growth

Usually, it is said that men/women have two mindsets to think about themselves and their abilities. These are the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. For fixed mindset people, they cannot go or think beyond a certain point in their lives. They work to a certain extent only thinking that only people with luck or talent are successful in life. Hence, they do not work hard, avoid taking up challenges and remain satisfied/dis-satisfied with their lives. On the other hand, success is a sure shot to those people who have a growth mindset. These people are always ready to experiment, ready to work hard and take challenges, they know that they can grow, change and learn.

Be mentally tough 
Being mentally tough is another mantra to be successful in life. This helps you to sail through and continue trying even in the face of obstacles. With a strong mental state,  challenges are considered as opportunities. Unlike mentally weak people who consider obstacles as bad luck or destiny, mentally tough people feel that they can control their own destiny, they are capable to succeed, and are committed to achieving their goals. Always believe in yourself. Leave the negativity from your life and look at the brighter  side every time. Even when things go wrong, concentrate on ways that can keep you moving forward. Mentally tough people know what they want to achieve, what they have to achieve and are very keen to achieve it.

Emotional Intelligence
Overall intelligence has always been one of the major factors contributing to success in different aspects of life. But according to experts, emotional intelligence is equally important.  Emotionally intelligent people are able to understand their own emotions in a better way. They understand others emotions as well.  Try to understand your emotions, your feelings and causes of that feeling. Avoid suppressing your feelings, and find an effective way to deal with those emotions. Listening to others also help, helping in creating a better bond with the co-workers and colleagues.

Strong Willpower

It has rightly been said “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Willpower and perseverance play a major role to be successful in life. These attributes are usually associated with a person’s overall personality. But these attributes also need to be developed and improved. So, keep on trying on what you have not achieved and wait for the rewards of your hard work. Keep practicing and keep learning. With a strong willpower, you can definitely be successful in life.

Motivate yourself
What is it that motivates you the most in your work? Is it money, is it appreciation or is it the promise of rewards that keeps you reaching for your goals? While external motivations can be helpful, there are many who are most motivated when they are doing things for personal satisfaction. This means that when you work in an organization and you enjoy what you are doing, your work becomes more meaningful. These are intrinsic motivations, and studies have shown that such motivations tend to be more effective at predicting performance quality. Challenge yourself to become a better person at every point. Believe in yourself.

Come out of your comfort zone and take risks
Last but not the least, taking risk is another essential factor that can contribute to your success. Someone has rightly said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risks”.  Taking risk helps you stand out of the crowd. Failures are part of life and your should not fear from the failures that you face. Each time you fail,  you learn something new, you learn from risks, and this leads you to important and new paths. No success can be achieved by playing it safe. Risk taking helps you to overcome your failure and help you to be successful.


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