6 Changes that You Can Begin At Your Kitchen: GharSeNaukri Encourages Women to Go Green  

There is no denying the fact the India is gradually moving towards becoming one big garbage dump. Pollution level is at its peak and wastage dump in the form of household wastes, plastics and others has been staggering. Minimizing the use of plastics or not using plastic at all at home and outside is one of the best ways of reducing wastes. It has been rightly said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. GharSeNaukri.com encourages women to bring about that change in the society. GharSeNauri.com encourages women to go green.

So, let’s begin the change from the kitchen where most of our Indian housewives prefer to spend most of their time during the day. On the occasion of World Environment Day, here are some tips to reduce wastes and go green, right at your homes:

Changes that you can begin in your kitchen to go green

Reduce waste

Get Rid of Plastics Completely

Everyone is aware of the fact that all plastic products can take up 500 to 1000 years to biodegrade. So, start avoiding using plastic bottles, jars, bags right away. If you as a role model start practicing this, all your family members will follow suit. So, give a strict warning to everyone at home not to use plastics. Stop using disposable plastic plates, glass and spoons. Use cloth bags when you go to the super market. And yes, stop buying mineral water bottles and avoid having tea, coffee in paper or plastic cups outside. If all Indian homes follow this strict banning of plastics at home, half of our problem of reducing wastes will be solved.

Start Separating Kitchen Waste

This may sound difficult but it is not. Just a few changes will make all the difference. What do you have to do?  Get yourself few colored bins: start with blue and green. Throw all biodegradable wastes like as kitchen waste, vegetable peels, fruit peels, dry flowers, leaves, left-over food in the green bin. And non-biodegradable wastes like as plastics, paper, glass, metal, old medicines, bulbs, paints, chemicals, containers, batteries, diapers, sanitary napkins should be thrown in the blue bin. Once you and your family members get into the habit of segregating wastes, you can get yourself more colored bins like as yellow bin for glass wastes, white for paper wastes, grey for metal wastes, red for hazardous materials and blue for plastics. Effective segregation of wastes means you are dumping less wastes in the landfill which makes it better for people and the environment.

Start Composting

Now that you have a green bin of organic wastes from your home, why don’t you make your own compost? You just need an earthen pot or a bucket with few holes around for aeration. Fill one-third of the pot with soil. Start adding the kitchen waste along with dry waste like as sawdust, dried leaves. Once it is filled, cover it for few days. Your kitchen waste will soon convert into compost which is the finest quality of natural fertilizer for your kitchen garden.

Go Paperless atleast in Your Kitchen

Well, obviously the use of paper cannot be banned altogether but yes you can reduce the use of papers atleast in the kitchen. For the sake of the environment, instead of paper towels, start using old fabric rags for cleaning around the house, use hand towels instead of paper napkins and so on. 


Reuse your household trash in a good way to reduce the garbage dump. For instance, you can easily convert plastic bottles and jars in to a DIY plastic showpiece or plant holders or as a storage box for your accessories. There are many household items that can be reused or given to another person to reuse. For instance, distribute books and magazines, toys, good used clothing and household items to orphanage, charity homes, NGOs etc.

Use reusable containers

Start depending on reusable containers. Store dry food items like as cereals, pulses, and other eatables in some quality airtight containers. Reusable containers are especially important to have in your kitchen.

These are the simple ways to bring down the amount of wastes in the house. So, start following it right away. On the occasion of World Environment Day, let us pledge to keep our environment green and clean. And women being the role models, lets start making the changes right at our kitchens in the first place.

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