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Importance of English in the Lives of Indian Housewives: What can Indian Housewives Gain from Learning English?

We cannot deny how important the English language has become in our lives. While maintaining our roots, and having pride in our mother tongue are good cultural practices, knowing English as a language is fast becoming a necessity in modern society. At present, whether it is considered a status symbol or a valuable skill that helps with employment, English language learning is highly in demand by a large section of the Indian population. A particular demographic that can capitalize on the growing demand for English is the Indian housewife.

What can Indian housewives gain from learning English?

Building confidence and new interests

It is a well-known fact that education, skill building, and the manner in which we communicate can help with our confidence and self-esteem. This in turn can be used to start and develop a promising career. For Indian housewives, learning English has the potential to connect them with fast changing contemporary culture and the opportunity to pursue interests outside of their families. Today, being able to communicate well in English can go a long way in terms of personal growth. Not just for housewives, but for everyone!

The ability to help their children

In modern India, most parents would prefer to send their children to English medium schools, as they believe speaking in English is a must. If your children start talking and studying in English, would you not want to help and grow with them? Whether it is a monthly parent-teacher meeting, helping with their homework, or even discovering new hobbies and interests with your children, learning English as a family can help develop your relationships and keep you connected with one another.

To support their families, friends, and relatives

For Indian housewives, learning English can mean so much more than just individual growth. With English, they can actively help their friends and family with day-to-day tasks and make their lives easier. This may even encourage others around them to begin learning English. Helping others with their needs, no matter how small, is a great way to become a valued and respected member of the community.

To work and be independent

Learning English is a great way to find employment in India today, as it is a highly demanded skill. There is a distinct feeling of self-satisfaction when you are able to support others as a result of your career. Be it in government job or in the private sector, speaking in English goes a long way, right from your application to facing the interview board to meeting people, communicating in English certainly helps your chances.

Do you actually want to improve or learn English language?

Learn english

No matter what your reasons are, learning the English language is a valuable and useful skill to develop. It opens the door to a world of opportunities and new knowledge. With our help, you can begin to speak this global language in a matter of weeks!

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