Why Should You Go Out for a Holiday Just for Yourself? 10 Reasons to Holiday with Getaway Goddess Women-Only Tours

For all women out there, don’t you like to explore places, new culture, food and people in a different way? The good news is that Gateaway Goddess has come up with this wonderful innovative “women-only tours”, designed exclusively for women only. Gateaway Goddess is a subsidiary of one of the longest established travel and destination management companies of the country, the Cox & Kings Pvt. Ltd. The women-only tours have been designed for women who love to travel with like-minded female companions to exotic places, experiencing some unique moments in their lives, creating some unforgettable memories in a holiday which is safe, fun, and stress-free.

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 It’s time to Relax, Rejoice, Relive, Rediscover & Rejuvenate. Isn’it this fun ?So, plan your trip soon. Reconnect with your best friend, girl friends and yourself. Enroll to Getaway Goddess Program in partnership with GharSeNaukri.com.

For more details, check out their official website Getawaygoddess.com.

10 Reasons to Holiday with Getaway Goddess

Here is why  you should opt for an all girls trip. There are not one but many reasons why women should holiday with Getaway Goddess:

  1. No poking: There is no on one to poke you. You are all by yourself. You travel in your own style, exploring new things and places at your own pace. You are just yourself in the company of other women.
  2. Rediscover: It’s time to rediscover your passions. Delve into a world of new experiences. Choose the destinations that you had waited for long to visit and relax in your own way.
  3. Deepen you relationship: Girls-only trips help you to deepen your relationships with your old friends. You also get chance to make new friends when you explore different places together, in a fun and memorable manner.
  4. Quality time: You get time to spend quality time with the important women in your life, be it your daughter, your mother, your mother-in-law or your daughter-in-law or your sister.
  5. Safety: There is safety in such a holiday as you travel with like-minded women companions only.
  6. Explore: Choose destinations that you have never visited, have all kinds of fun and adventure in your trip, let your hair down, explore more and more. This is not possible when you travel with your husband and kids, when they become your priority even during a holiday.
  7. Confidence: Be a free-spirited and confident woman as you travel, getting a chance to connect with different people in different foreign lands and create life-long friendships with women like you.
  8. Me time: In a women-only tour, you get some “me-time” as you don’t have to worry about anyone else. You can do what you want.
  9. Retail therapy: In such women-only tours, you can also sign up for retail therapy with women who can assist you choose amazing items and get attractive bargains.
  10. Adventure: Satisfy your desire for adventure and fun in far-flung places, which may not interest your family.

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