10 Important Tips to Build a High Performing Team

To build any type of business that can thrive and be successful in the long run, we need to rely on lot many people, which comprises the partners, vendors, employees, volunteers, and customers. In other words, it is a team which builds a company and it is a high-performing team which helps a company to grow and become a great business. To assemble the right kind of people is not always so easy. Building the right team and getting the right people in the right direction is very challenging.

Building the right team for you

GharSeNaukri.com:  Building the right team for you

To build a high-performing team, there are few basic questions that need to be asked:

  • What is the goal of your company?
  • What strategy drives you, your team and the company?
  • Where do you want to be few years down the line?
  • Is your present team doing the right things?
  • Does your organisation have too much of one skill set and not enough of another?
  • Is it necessary to rearrange things?
  • What’s right and wrong with the process, structure and culture of the company?
  • Who’s doing the wrong work? And many more…

10 Important Tips to Build a High Performing Team

  1.  Values: Usually, we lose our focus while doing what worked in the past. When the goal is to build a high-performance team, a good place to start is values. The values of the leader and the values of the team must be in alignment. In other words, the employers must be clear about their own values and those that they want in their teams.
  2. Goals: The next important consideration is Goals. What’s the Goal that the employer and the team are trying to achieve and when? Studies show that the most successful teams have a clear goal up-front.
  3. Retain: The third important tip is how to recruit and retain the best talent and the right people? Experts say that the first step is to build a description of the perfect team member, which include his character traits, hard skills, soft skills, talents, and other specific characteristics.
  4. Gaps: The next big question that comes up is what are the gaps in the existing team members and how to get rid of these gaps?
  5. Expectations: While giving emphasis on the goal of the company, it is also necessary to be clear about the expectations and needs of each team member. Clear expectations are very important for each team member to know what they can expect from each other, so as to ensure that everyone is accountable.
  6. Team Chemistry: It is also necessary to build Team Chemistry, which means to what extent the team members know, trust, and care for each other. Experts suggest creating a “conditioning camp” to help team members bond.
  7. Measure and track success: The team members must know the milestones to achieve and the employers must know how to measure and track success.
  8. Honest communication: Employers should always opt for open, honest communication. This is very essential for team success.
  9. Value results: It is also necessary that the team members must know not only to value and acknowledge results and success of themselves but also to value results, success and the contributions of the other members.
  10. Handle setbacks: The team must also be prepared for handling setbacks. When things go wrong, resentments and negativity can often disturb performance, and under such circumstances, team members must know to clear up setbacks and move forward.

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