What Exactly is the Role of a Holiday Consultant?



karmic bannerA holiday consultant is one who coordinates and books travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses. While there are many who use the Internet to make their own travel arrangements, there are still many people who take the help of holiday consultants to advise them on their trips and book their trips. The role of a holiday consultant is as follows:

  • Research: You diligently research travel options for your clients, which include not only the selection of destination but also researching on airfare and hotel rates and important tourist spots of that location and nearby.
  • Advice: The information gathered by holiday consultants helps them to offer professional travel advice to their clients. You also offer advice on the appropriate dates as per any special promotions or discounts offered by the travel company. Advice is also given on popular activities and events to participate in during your stay.
  • Make travel itinerary: Once you have the detailed information on a particular location and advise the same to your client and if your client agrees to that location, your next duty is to make a proper travel itinerary for your client. You itinerary includes detailed information on dates of leaving and arriving, hotel accommodation, hotel rates, sight-seeing schedules, pick up and drop from the airport and so on.
  • Book Trips: When your client gives the green nod of your travel itinerary, you as a holiday consultant should make the necessary arrangements to book the trip as per the scheduled dates.
  • Constant support: Your role also entitles you to handle customer queries through phone and email.

In short, to be a holiday consultant,

  • You should understand the client’s requirement and suggest the appropriate holiday itineraries.
  • You sale holiday packages to clients
  • You design holiday packages
  • You develop new clients
  • Attend to customer queries

Other requirements

  • Knowledge about World Geography and worldwide holidays
  • A graduate in any discipline
  • Good communicative skills

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Top 5 Reasons for Professional Women Taking a Mid-Career Break

Taking a career break has become a common scenario in today’s job market today. While we think most professional women take a break from their career for family obligations, for children and for maternity reasons, there are many who prefer to take a mid-career break for variety of other reasons. You can use a career break as an opportunity to work on your career change for a better job prospect or to set up your own business or go freelancing or get trained to return in a different area.

Why more and more women prefer taking a career break these days?

  1. Career Dissatisfaction: One common reason is your job itself. In many cases, the career path that you have chosen does not give you the satisfaction or happiness that you are looking for in your job. You are just not sure of your job, inspite of the fact that you are a in a well-paid job in a good company. Taking a career break under such circumstances is good, even if it is for few months, as it gives you time and space to reconsider the various options available and make a move and apply for a new job.
  2. To follow a hobby or passion: While climbing up the career ladder, many do not give a thought about their dreams or passion in life. Gradually, when you enter your middle age with a full-fledged career, you realise that you still have not fulfilled your dreams yet. Then comes the decision of taking a career break and to use the time as “ME” time only. This time period can be utilised in many ways. It can be your hobby, be it painting, dance, music, reading and many more. Or it can be a time to rediscover and rejuvenate yourself. This is basically your time to reignite your passion in life.
  3. Make a difference to the world: There are many who take a career break to make a difference to the world. It can be teaching your maid’s son or or work in an NGO to help the poor and needy. Such a contribution by helping someone in need or by doing any  kind of voluntary work can be hugely rewarding, maybe not in monetary terms but for a mental satisfaction.
  4. Around the world: As a professional woman, you have earned and saved quite a lot for yourself. You have this inherent desire to see the world around you. You are still young to travel. You feel this is the right time for you and you decide to take a career break. If travelling is something that you have kept in your “To do list”, then it makes sense to take a break, travel while you can enjoy it.
  5. Upgrade your skill: There are times when you cannot move up the career ladder or you cannot move in a different direction without the relevant experience and skill. But, of course, getting that skill is not always easy. One way to do this is by taking a career break and upgrading your skill. This can be taking up a new course of study or learning a new technical skill. There are instances of professional people going abroad for higher course of education which is not available in our country and coming back to the home country to start a new job with a new profile. By doing this, you not only learn something new, you also get the experience of a new culture and you also get the much-needed break that you had longed for.

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Yoga, a Popular Flexible Job Option for Women: Work Part time, Earn and Stay Healthy


Yoga, a Popular Flexible Job Option for Women: Work Part time, Earn and Stay Healthy

The idea of teaching yoga part-time is indeed a lucrative job option, especially for women who look for flexible job options. In today’s age of stress, competition and unhealthy lifestyle, opting for alternate health remedies and stressing on a lifestyle of spirituality and mental peace is very necessary. Yoga is the upcoming trend followed by men and women of all age groups. Needless to say, there has been an increasing demand for yoga experts, yoga trainers or yoga teachers. To be a yoga teacher is indeed one of the most popular job options for women as this is a job which can be done in part-time hours at their own homes or remote locations as per the requirement.

How do you start?

A yoga teacher needs to be well-versed and proficient in yoga so that she is capable to impart its knowledge to beginners in this field. If you really want to be a yoga teacher, it is important to learn the practice from a reliable and trusted yoga school or yoga teacher. After obtaining a certificate or degree in yoga, an aspiring yoga teacher should be able to venture into teaching. You can be a yoga teacher even if you do not attend any formal school of training. Infact, many women take up yoga for their own health benefits and soon get so involved with it that they prefer to get trained in a proper way so as to train others. Once you spend some years practicing the discipline and attain higher levels of knowledge, you can start working as a yoga teacher.

Where do you work?

Yoga trainers are recruited in Hotels & Resorts, Retreats, Workshops, Residential societies, Government & Private Schools, Yoga and Naturopathy colleges or institutions, Gyms, Health & Wellness centers, Corporate Sectors etc. Not only that, you can opt for personal one-on-one classes. You can also start your own business by setting up a yoga center at your own place. So, there is no dearth of opportunities for working as yoga teachers. Options available for yoga teachers are many.

Yoga teaching: One of the best flexible job options for women

The best way is to start teaching part time. You work as per your convenience in the time that suits you. Personal one-on-one classes can be conducted as per your convenience. For other places too, there is hardly any need for full-time yoga experts. It just requires few hours of your time. That is why yoga has become a favorable job option for women. Once you start doing it and enjoying it, you will wonder how you make the time for something you love. You never know when you start loving it so much that the other things in your life will automatically change to accommodate your new passion.


What are some good reasons to teach yoga part time?

  • Finance: Of course, you are not doing it for free. You earn when you are teaching yoga part time. You will have more stability in your finances.
  • You gain experience: Teaching yoga part time help you to gain more experience before you choose to start your own business of setting yoga centers of your own.
  • Health: One of the practical considerations when teaching yoga to others is that you get a chance to maintain your own health in a proper way.
  • Mental peace: While imparting knowledge to others on spirituality and mental peace through yoga, you yourself get benefitted in a positive way which helps you to get rid of negativity and frustrations in life.
  • A perfect balance of life: Last but not the least, you get a chance to maintain a perfect balance of life. As you work part time, you can give time to your family too, along with earning money.

How about travelling while being a yoga teacher?

This is a wonderful remote job opportunity for yoga teachers who love travelling and teaching. Karmic Routes in association with GharSeNaukri.com is looking for female yoga experts who can accompany foreign tourists and impart them yoga training in whichever spiritual destinations they visit. It is seen in India, many foreigners come not for tourism purpose but for spiritual purpose. Karmic Routes offers custom made tours and packages for tourists to experience the ultimate soul-quenching peace at various ashrams and pilgrimage centers located in our country. While a foreigner pays a visit to these places to discover divine spirituality, he or she will also be provided with yoga experts who will travel with them and teach them yoga in these places.

So, if you are interested to be part of this exciting job opportunity, then please do get in touch with us at hr@gharsenaukri.com

Nutritionist Profession: A Perfect Work from Home Job or a Part-time Job for a Woman

Nutritionist Profession: A Perfect Work from Home Job or a Part-time Job for a Woman

In today’s age of stress, competition, sedentary lifestyle, irregular food habits, irregular sleep, food adulteration, our body is affected a lot. We may look physically very sound and fit but from inside we do not how our health is affected. One proper way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a proper balanced diet, comprising all the essential requirements of the body in the right proportion. We keep on reading and hearing stuff on healthy diet but when it comes to actually preparing and maintaining proper diet chart, we get confused and at times, we end up eating the wrong things, considering them to be healthy. This, in turn, affects our health more in the long run. This is where the role of a nutritionist comes into importance. A nutritionist evaluates your diet, health, and offers you personalized advice on proper diet to increase or decrease weight or to manage a healthy health. Today, a career as a nutritionist has become very popular as there is a requirement of a nutritionist by many, whether at an individual level or in the health industry as a whole.



Qualifications requirement

If you are a graduate or BSc degree holder in Nutrition, Home Science, Food Technology or a post-graduate diploma holder in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition or a Masters in Food & Nutrition, you can very easily become a nutritionist. It is highly recommended to pursue your post graduation to get an advantage over others in the job market.

Career scope

As a nutritionist, you can join as a clinical nutritionist, where you work in hospitals, nursing homes. You can be a pediatric nutritionist to work with children of all age groups, you can be sports nutritionist to work with various sports clubs, sports hostels, and athletic teams to guide the players with proper diet. There are chances of you to work in Government’s Research and Development organizations to research the quality and nutritional values of food items. You can also join private FMCG companies. You can also be an educationist.

Nutritionist profession: A perfect work from home job or a part-time job for a woman

Though, this profession is for both men and women, but it is more of a female dominated job. The reason being, women generally are more concerned about health, healthy food, tasty and nutritional food, and hence are the best advisors. So when there is a professional degree, it becomes all the more easy for a woman to give proper counseling. This is one profession which gives opportunities for women to work as per their convenience. The employment opportunities for a nutritionist can be flexible, part-time as they can work in a variety of work environments like clinics, hospitals, public health, and also in educational institutions. They have flexible hours and can also choose to work full or part-time. You can also work-from-home as a nutritionist. You can start your own private practice. Set up a clinic at your own home and provide your service for fixed few hours in a day. Nowadays, online consultations have also become popular. You can also give consultations to your client via Skype, Whatsapp, FB Messenger etc. You don’t need to step out of your home to practice your profession as a nutritionist.

How to apply as a Nutritionist at GharSeNaukri.com?

GharSeNaukri.com is a career portal, exclusively designed for women professionals who are looking for work-from-home jobs, part-time or flexible jobs. If you are a nutritionist, whether fresher or experienced, and in look out for a work-from-home opportunity, register on the site GharSeNaukri.com, upload your resume, search for jobs as nutritionist and apply for the same.

Be a Travel Consultant and Work from Home: A Wonderful Job Opportunity for Women

Are you a travel freak? Do you love reading/ gaining knowledge or visiting travel destinations all across the globe? If you love planning a great vacation and interested in telecommuting, then becoming a work-from-home travel consultant might be your perfect career path!

What is a travel consultant?

A travel consultant is one who helps clients in making travel arrangement for holiday, business and other purposes. They help providing deals and quotes to client to choose the best value options available for travelling and make bookings for transport, hotel accommodation, sightseeing and other travel related activities.

Growing preference of women in this sector

This has become one of the most preferred career options for those women who want to work-from-home at remote jobs or flexible jobs. Though, many travel agencies require full-time employees, nowadays work-from-home opportunities as travel consultants are also available.

Travel consultant work from home

Skills requirement to be travel consultant


Lose Belly Fat On Your Chair in 4 Simple Ways While Working From Home

Whether you work from home or in the office, you need to be on the chair and in front of your laptop for most of the time during the day. While in office, you get a chance to move here and there within the office complex, taking short breaks, meeting colleagues, things are different when you work from home. If you are a mom, working from home in a flexible job, then I am sure you get busy with your work as well as your household chores as soon as the day starts. But, with the intention of completing your office work before the kids get back home from school, you sit in front of the laptop without much movement, except of looking into the kitchen affairs or supervising your maid’s works. Under such circumstances, most women face the issue of weight gain, especially around the belly.

So how to keep yourself fit and slim while on the chair and in front of the laptop? Simple… you just need to do some simple exercises on the chair, which help you to lose your belly fat and also keep you flexible, energetic, healthy and fit.


Two Indian Women Entrepreneurs as Finalists for 2018 Cartier Entrepreneurship Award

It feels good when you see Indians being recognized for their work, especially when they are women. Two Indian women entrepreneurs will be among the 16 finalists from the Asia-Pacific region world to join in the prestigious Cartier Entrepreneurship Award ceremony in Singapore in April this year.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards started in 2006, as a joint initiative  by Cartier, the Women’s Forum, McKinsey & Company and INSEAD business school to encourage women entrepreneurs. Six women are honoured every year (one from each continent Asia & Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, North America, Sub-saharan Africa) for their role in their start-up businesses. The prize includes a place on an INSEAD Executive Programme, a US$100,000 Grant (money), international media exposure and networking and coaching opportunities.

Two Indian nominations

Swati Pandey of Arboreal Agro Innovations and Kristin Kagetsu of Saathi Inc have been nominated this time for this prestigious award. Lets know more about these two young entrepreneurs:


Be a Relationship Manager and Work from Home: Associate with SmartRupee.com and GharSeNaukri.com

Many professional women have the misconception that when they work from home, they are not in a position to take up managerial jobs. But, GharSeNaukri.com, the only job portal for remote jobs for women has proved this wrong. GSN is in association with a number of organizations/employers in the country who are actually looking for women employees/managers who can work from home at a remote location and provide the same service as a full-time employee. It’s not the number of hours nor the quantity that is counted. It’s the quality that matters. If the same work can be completed by working from home, then what is wrong in it?

One such company who believes in women empowerment and with whom GSN is associated is SmartRupee.com, a subsidiary of GI Hospitalities Private Limited. In addition to offering loan facilities for various purposes, without a hassle, the company also is involved in helping women in providing job opportunities and loans for setting up their business.

For details check out GharSeNaukri.com, in association with Smartrupee.com, helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business

Opening for Relationship Manager with Smartrupee.com in association with GSN

Work from home Relationship Manager


It Helps You Save Money When You Work from Home: Apply for Telecommuting Jobs Now at GharSeNaukri.com

Telecommuting job, better known as work-from-home or working in a remote job is slowly picking up in Indian job market, especially for women professionals. There are many women who give up the professional career midway and prefer to work in flexible hours at the comforts of their home. However, there are many who hesitate to take the plunge of doing a part-time or work-from-home job. The main reason is that many professional women feel that there won’t be a steady flow of income or there will be less income in a telecommuting job or a remote job.

Yes, it is true that there is a great income disparity when you work from home. Your salary is much less than that of a pay-package of a regular job. But, there are many hidden costs involved (which you pay from your salary) when you do a full-time job. When you work in a remote job for flexible hours, there is definitely a pay cut but in the long-run, if you analyze, you can save a lot when you are associated with working from home rather than working full time.

Telecommuting Jobs at GharSeNaukri.com


GharSeNaukri.com, in association with Smartrupee.com, helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business

GharSeNaukri.com is one of its kind of an online platform, solely designed for benefitting the women of our country.  We are the only job portal in India concentrating on providing telecommuting jobs, part-time jobs, flexible job opportunities that women can do conveniently from home.

We help women to become entrepreneurs

GSN wants to empower women, not only in terms of providing jobs but also in terms of providing skill training or upgrading skills. For the benefit of our registered women members, we have also introduced our online home training services, where interested women can take training on skills like as digital marketing, entrepreneurship training, content writing, home tutoring, personality development and many more. We provide them training and finances and help them to set up their own business.


GSN and Smartrupee.com: We help women entrepreneurs to arrange funds for her business