Nurturing the Talent of Workplace: Why is Nurturing Talent Important and How to Nurture Talent?

We are all born with certain skills, abilities and talents that can be shaped, nurtured and encouraged to achieve our individual goals and be successful in our endeavours. While home environment, family and coaching all play a major role in achieving success for any individual, in professional aspects also, to climb up the ladder of success and achieve your goals, there is always the need for the support of your seniors to enhance and nurture your talent.

HR experts and employers need to give deeper emphasis on nurturing the talent of the employees. Managing a team is more about arranging and telling but leadership is all about nurturing and enhancing. A true leader is one who knows how to get the best out of the rest, how to train or nurture someone to get the optimum results from his or her performances. Good employers facilitate the development of others. However, it is not so easy when you have to nurture the talents of young professionals who have a mind of their own and who dream of achieving big in life.

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Why is nurturing talent important?

No one would deny the fact that developing, nurturing and retaining the best employees is very important for the success of any organisation. Research has shown that an organization’s top talent contributes maximum value to the organization. The more the number of top performers in an organisation, the greater is the productivity of the organization.


An Open Letter to Menfolk: Encourage Her When She Wants to Start Something of her Own

Letter 2: Different ways by which men can encourage their wives in their business

Hey Menfolk!!!

As promised, here is another letter to all men out there to find here different ways to encourage their wives. Incase if you have missed my first letter, have a look hereAn Open Letter to Menfolk: Love, Respect and Appreciate” Her

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My second letter is how to encourage the woman in your life if she wants to start something of her own….


Five Women Entrepreneurs from Bihar with their Start-ups: Unique Business Concepts

Meet these 5 women entrepreneurs from the state of Bihar who have shown to the world that with personal grit and family support, they could fulfill their start-up dreams in Bihar, often considered as one of the country’s backward states.



Cancer Prevention: What to Eat and What Not to Eat?

Just the other day I was watching the vivacious Sonali Bendre in one of the popular programs of Zee TV. The very next morning, social media sites came up with the news that she is suffering from cancer. Found it very difficult to believe as she looked quite fit and healthy though I know the shooting of the episodes must have taken place 1 or 2 months back. Hers is a case of metastatis cancer which means that cancer has already been spread from the main cell to the other parts of the body and she has reached the fourth stage. This means that all these months she was not aware of the fact that she was carrying cancer cells in her body as she looked absolutely fine. Similarly, got the news of Irfan Khan suffering from a rare kind of neuro cancer a few months back. Bollywood stars are usually known to be health and fitness freaks, but even then, you never know when this dreaded disease catches you.

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HRs Should Become Innovative Leaders: It’s time to Redefine HR with the Help of

hr redefine process from gharsenaukri

There are many organisations in the global world which feel that their HR department is too expensive and it isn’t delivering enough business value. Plus, many feel that many HR employees do not have enough skills in consulting, analytics, business, technology, change management, or in other technical and management areas. But, we cannot deny the fact that there is a huge chunk of HR professionals and leaders who are amazing craftsmen and are quite expansive in their thinking. It is for this group of professionals, who can be excellent innovative leaders, it is time to redefine HR.

(more…) Entrepreneurial Jobs for Women: Be an Entrepreneur from Home is India’s only platform designed for women from all walks of life which believes in the universal truth that women can ‘Have it all! Do it all! Regardless of what field they are in.’ Considering the fact that there is lower rate of women employment and lesser retention in the workforce, there is the need for a comprehensive and holistic ecosystem required for women empowerment and this is exactly what intends to do and is doing. It not only offers flexible working options to enhance employment across socio-gender demographics and reduce barriers which force women to stay-at-home, but also offers excellent opportunities to start their business at home. It provides Entrepreneurial Jobs for Women. It also offers entrepreneurial training to encourage women to start something of their own.

 “ believes in empowerment and paving its way as a catalyst of change!”

Entrepreneurial Jobs at GharSeNaukri


Explore and Be a Master in Hindi Writing Skills at Shabdnagari

It’s time to explore and master Hindi Writing Skills in the virtual world. The most commonly spoken language of the country has found a tremendous increase in its readership via the virtual world of blogs, e-magazines and portals. And ofcourse, users are using popular social media sites for giving free expression of their thoughts and ideas in Hindi. With the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, there have been huge changes in the lives of even the people living in small towns and villages where Hindi is the main language of communication. People in interior parts of India have actually been able to use the Net and the phone for exploring the virtual world in Hindi.

How about expressing your views, ideas and thoughts and spread the word in Hindi?


Be an Edupreneur with MindChamp: GharSeNaukri offers a Lifetime Opportunity for Women to Start their Own Franchise in Teaching has always and will continue to come up with exciting jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for women. This time, it has joined hands with MindChamp, the name associated with building coding skills in school children and bringing back tech women into workforce. Yes, this is a wonderful job opportunity for women who have prior experience in computer programming and coding and who are on their career breaks.

A brief profile of MindChamp

Based in Mumbai, MindChamp  was co-founded by Sneha Krishnan and Manasi Kashikar to teach computer coding to school children aged between 8 and 14 years. Based on Fun and Structured Activity based learning, it has made computer learning easier and has instilled the passion for learning computer coding and basics of computer science in children at an early age. MindChamp has also paved the path towards women empowerment by employing women from the IT and educational sector.


Be an Educator with MindChamp

The idea is to make you a woman educator or an Edupreneur by offering you an opportunity to be a franchise holder with MindChamp.

  • Are you on a sabbatical?
  • Are you planning to restart your career?
  • Are you a returning professional?
  • Are you fond of computers?
  • Are you interested in teaching?
  • Are you planning to work and at the same time give time your family?

If your answers are YES, then you are at the right place.

A call for all Mumbai women

If you are from Mumbai and have experience in the domains of IT industry and the Educational sector, then be a part of MindChamp.

MindChamp is providing micro-franchises to women who have taken a sabbatical and enabling them to turn into an Edupreneur. The franchises are designed for women in technology who have dropped out of the workforce. Join MindChamp and teach computers, computer coding and programming to students and earn money. Mind Champ’s present emphasis is to have presence and brand recognition in the IT cities in India, namely, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. The opening is presently for Mumbai women but very soon will spread to other cities as well. Start your own Franchise in Teaching and be an edupreneur.

This profile is perfect for a woman techie looking for opportunities to engage herself and earn at the comfort of her own home or her own flexibility. The Mindchamp Educator Program gives you the access to the tested curriculum and training. Thereafter, you can conduct Computer Science programs for kids 8 to 14 years and be a part of the growing community that believes in improving the quality technology education in this country.

For details, check out Start your own Franchise, Be a Educator for MindChamp 

Why should you join?

  • Don’t waste your technical skills
  • Work as per your convenience maintaining a perfect balance of work and home
  • Earn good revenue
  • Satisfying career goals
  • Wonderful comeback opportunity for IT women

Give us a call at 9266660121 or get in touch with us at

Calling Mumbai Women for Excellent Work from Home Opportunities at Avanse Financial Services in Association with empowers women with various “Work from Home” Opportunities where they pitch in their expertise and skills on job opportunities and build a pro-active community networking along with improving family life by maintaining the perfect balance. It is to be noted that GSN is the only company in the country which is associated with organizations that believe in and encourage women employment and empowerment. You will come across some wonderful work opportunities here that you can conveniently do from home. This time, GSN has joined hands with Avanse by offering excellent work-from-home opportunities, especially for Mumbai women.


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